Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

MAAT - Art, Architecture and Technology

MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology is one of the most recent Museums to open in Lisbon, near Belém civil parish on the waterfront of the Tagus River. Has mentioned on its website a new cultural proposal for the city of Lisbon.

The main concept crosses three approaches of debate, which are: critical thinking, discovery, and international dialogue. It is constructed as a new building, designed by the architecture firm Amanda Levete Architects in partnership with Central Tejo. Central Tejo is on the top of the best Portuguese examples of industrial architecture of the 20th century (first half). It is also one of the most visited museums in the country.

The location is perfect, on the north margin of the Tagus River, the perfect spot for exposure. It is common to see people walking or running from Alcantara (to Lisbon city center side) to Belém (to the west, ending on Belém Tower) enjoying the beautiful colors and weather of the Portuguese capital. Along the river, you find also some spots where you can stop by and enjoy something to eat or a fresh drink. You will see also several sailing boats, making tours along the river with couples, small groups, or even Electric Tuk Tuk Tours.

MAAT after 2016

MAAT museum is synonymous with national and international ambition in what concerns exhibitions. Has an amazing contribution to contemporary artists, thinkers, and architects through his exhibitions. The goal is to deliver the major current trends and themes, besides the curational programs from Corporate companies.

The MAAT schedules to the public began on June 30, 2016, presenting four exhibitions at the same time. Later, in October the new building was inaugurated with amazing work done by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (French Artist, who thought his work was specifically for this space).

Other facilities in Lisbon that you might have interest to visit

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4. Monastery of Jerónimos

Portugal is diverse and for centuries done their integrated several cultures and food habits. Visit Portugal, Lisbon, or any other city/countryside. You will be in love with this country.

livramento market 01

Visit and learn about local ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat at Livramento Market in Setúbal.

livramento market 01

Visit and learn about local ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat at Livramento Market in Setúbal.

Market Tour in Portugal

Market Tour in Portugal is a journey to the world of senses, discovering the Portuguese ingredients in the market stalls. You will be able to engage with locals, making questions, and always with a professional chef with you to visit the local market.

Harvest 2021 Season

Harvest 2021 Season is on! All country is harvesting the vines in a year that promises better results than 2020 harvest season.