Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal


Setúbal is located 30 miles to the south of Lisbon, on the north bank of the Sado River Estuary. The city has been always connected with the Ocean and it was one of the most important centers for the fishing industry specialized in processing and exporting sardines.

Due to the existence of natural resources Tourism becomes popular. Setúbal and its surroundings have a great diversity of activities that any traveler will be please to make. Horse Riding, trekking, walking and food tours, cooking classes, wine tasting experiences, wine tours, there are lots of options while visiting the city and region. The ex-libris will be for sure food and wine experiences and boat trips since there is a colony of almost 30 dolphins in the Sado River.

Famous People and Icon market from Setúbal

Setúbal has a vast list of personalities born, from arts to sports. Manuel Maria Barbosa do Bocage is the most famous satirical and classical poet, while Luisa Todi (classical signer) and Zeca Afonso (singer and songwriter) are the main musical artists. On Sports, José Mourinho is a well-known soccer coach.

The city has an amazing local market, famous worldwide, called Livramento Market. The market is trade is erudite and diverse. Spontaneous in the language of the vendors and smooth in the line of the thousands of mosaics that tell the life of Setúbal. Founded in 1875 served the community for centuries and you will be amazed by the dimension, diversity of ingredients, and how beautiful it is with the tile panels on the top. More than 300 sellers and 900 people working on a daily basis.

You will be able to take the ferry to Tróia or even train or bus to Lisbon. The Port is the main transportation for the local industry, with the main focus on car export and components. In Palmela, a village nearby has Volkswagen Autoeuropa which produces the T-Roc model.

Setúbal has an amazing climate, due to the proximity to Arrabida Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. Typically a Mediterranean climate where rain in Winter is rare and the Summer is perfect. The region is famous by more than 250 wine producers with different dimensions of production, but always excellent quality. Moscatel de Setúbal is the most famous liquor and has a worldwide reputation. Based on muscat grape variety, gives fame to this region.

Density: 510/km2 (1300/sq mile)
Population: 118.166 people
Municipality Holiday: 15th September (Celebration date, King Pedro V of Portugal officially recognized Setúbal as a city).

Soccer is a major sport in Portugal. Visiting Setúbal, you will be able to visit sports museums from the major club in the city, which is : 

Setúbal has amazing transportation connections and excellent tour operators to take you around the city in small villages, other cities, or white sandy beaches.

Alcácer do Sal:

Setúbal has several spots that worth visiting while in this beautiful city, which are :

  • Livramento Market: more than 10.000 sq meters, with 300 little shops to buy ingredients. You will find an amazing diversity of fresh fish, vegetables, meat, fruits and many more.
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  • Fort of São Filipe de Setúbal: fortification from 1582, built by Philip I of Portugal ( Philip II of Spain). Now days has a coffee shop, hotel, and amazing view over Setúbal, Tróia, Arrábida Mountain, and the Atlantic Ocean.
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  • Monastery of Jesus: Manueline and Gothic style construction, served the Poor Clare nuns.
  • St. Julian’s Church: originally built in the second half of the 13th century.

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