Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Market Tour in Portugal

Market Tour in Portugal is a journey to the world of senses, discovering the Portuguese ingredients in the market stalls. You will be able to engage with locals, making questions, and always with a professional chef with you to visit the local market. Usually, the markets tours in Portugal visit a local market in Lisbon, Porto, Évora, or even in Algarve. After the acquisition of fresh ingredients with the professional chef, you will go to the facilities of the culinary school to make the cooking class.

Depending on the city you are making the market tour in Portugal you will be able to get in touch with local culture, listen to the explanation of statues, important dates or events of the location you are, or even any local product tasting. Some of the tastings might be delicious Port wines in Porto or a simply Portuguese Custard ( aka Pastel de Nata ).

Market Tour in Portugal
Market Tour in Portugal, visiting a local market and learn how to cook Portuguese food

Arrived at the facilities you have few minutes, while the chef prepares the mise en place with the ingredients bought in the local market and you will be able to see once again how fresh vegetables, fish or meat are.

By default most of the market tours in Portugal you will cook in a group, which means that each participant will have tasks assigned to make. From chopping the onions to clean the fish, tasting the food, it is a step-by-step process and the idea is that you will be prepared to cook at home the same recipe.

Menu of a Market Tour in Portugal

The menu will depend on the culinary school and the options they make. You need to think that most of them are restricted to the ingredients available at the market and for this reason, they can change at the last minute what they thought to cook with you and your group.

Menus can change according to the health restrictions or religious restrictions of the participants in the market tour with the cooking class. A Jewish will have different restrictions from lactose intolerant and for this reason, it is possible that in some cases you will not eat 100% Portuguese traditional cuisine, but what is possible to make.

In general, in the cooking class, you will make a three-course menu (at least) which will be more than enough as a meal. Along the cooking process, you will have also the opportunity to taste some of the local products such as Olive Oil, bread, olives, lupins beans and drink some of the best Portuguese wines. Depending on the city people will have if possible their wine region, that you will be able to taste authentic local products. Enjoy a market tour in Portugal and your cooking class. You will have fun for sure.

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Portugal is diversity and along centuries done the integration of several cultures and food habits. Visit Portugal, Lisbon or any other city / country side. You will be in love for this country.

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