Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Belém Tower in Lisbon

Belem Tower is the last defense of Lisbon with the growth of the Age of Discoveries and the importance of sailing ships acquire in the 15th century. King John II ( Portuguese King ) considered that was important to defend Lisbon and the entrances through the Tagus River. Already exists in those days several Fort Defenses along the coast, especially from Cascais (west of Lisbon) till the Portuguese capital and in the south margin of the river.

The king considered the defenses of Lisbon inadequate. Persists on the idea that Forts were not enough to defend the Portuguese capital and for this reason, he ordered to make a strong Fort. However, he died before even the plans are done. Twenty years later, King Manuel I of Portugal ordered the construction of a military fortification and born the idea of Belém Tower.

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Belém Tower; Lisbon, Portugal

Belém Tower has tiny stairs to go up or down and at the present, they have a funny traffic light of green/red, that travelers can visit. Back in 1831 was important during the Liberal Wars with the French.

Belém Tower Interior

In the interior, you will be able to see come cannons in the bunker ground floor inclined to outside. The ceilings are supported by vaulted spines and fantastic masonry pilasters. It doesn´t have any furniture inside, but the view on the top is amazing.

More recently it had a huge restoration of the building (1997/1998). The statues of Saint Vincent of Saragossa and Archangel Micheal received also restoration as part of the tower. The whole process was awarded the Europa Nostra prize for the amazing work done. In 2007, Belém Tower was registered as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

Belém Tower is near the Tower of Discoveries and Monastery of Jerónimos in Belém, both worth visiting during your trip to the Portuguese capital.

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Portugal is diversity and along centuries done the integration of several cultures and food habits. Visit Portugal, Lisbon or any other city / country side. You will be in love for this country.

livramento market 01

Visit and learn about local ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat at Livramento Market in Setúbal.

livramento market 01

Visit and learn about local ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat at Livramento Market in Setúbal.

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