Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Portuguese Food

Portugal has fantastic food, based on ancestral traditions of locals, based on fisherman and farmers. Meat or Fish, travelers, and locals have available so many options that will enjoy Portuguese gastronomy.

Unique and distinctive the Portuguese cuisine has its origins on the Atlantic sea, locals farmers, and the influence of the Age of Discoveries. Why it is so unique? Because The Portuguese took their own gastronomy worldwide, introduced also ingredients from other countries or Continents, and influenced international gastronomy in many different ways.

Food, fish and meat dishes that worth to try

When you think of fish options, you will find delicious grilled fish, Cataplanas, or even stews-based.Doesn´t have any techniques, but the freshness of the ingredients makes the difference between the cooking process and final flavors. Sardines, Seabass, Horse-mackerel are some of the excellent options, however, you will find also available options with Octopus, clams, cuttlefish, razor clams, goose barnacles, that you will love.

If you are a meat lover, well, there are a lot of options also for you and you will be able to order a delicious meat dish in any restaurant in Portugal. You will also find it in some of the cooking classes and market tours available in the country.

Portuguese cuisine you will discover dishes based on beef, pork, duck, turkey, chicken, rabbit, among other options. Sausages and Chorizo´s, you have more than 300 options, which can be fresh or smoked during months. You will discover that on food, you have dishes with different meats, such as Cozido à Portuguesa, Francesinha among others. On the meat, you will discover the excellence of DOP meats ( which means, Protected Domination of Origin), from North to South of the country.

When food is paradise in Portugal

The most common asides on Portuguese food are: rice (Portugal is a rice producer), potatoes, and vegetables. You will find amazing soups and locals love them by night, eating them with some slices of bread, chorizo, cheese mainly. Cheeses are also one of the main local products that you should taste and you don’t have any lactose intolerance. You will find them fresh or cured, creamy or dried, from cow, sheep, or goat. It is not common to use cream on most of the food dishes, however you will find some, such as Codfish with Cream.

We are not forgetting the Portuguese Olive Oil, the country is one of the top worldwide producers and you have more than 250 brands, from multinational companies to familiar companies with lower production however an amazing quality.

Good food, excellent ingredients, perfect cheeses, and chorizos. We are missing the Portuguese wines, which make the perfect food pairing while eating. Take a look at our wine section. Discover Portugal and the food options you have available.

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