Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Codfish Fritters, Portuguese petisco

Codfish Fritters is perhaps one of the most famous petiscos (Portuguese word for tapas) and it is based on the most famous fish for locals, codfish ( besides sardines). You may think in codfish has the most consumed fish in Portugal and Portuguese are the highest consumers of this fish.

The funny fact is that it´s a fish that you will not find on the Portuguese coastline, in fact, 80% of the codfish is imported from Norway, the major supplier. You might find also cod from Canada or the Pacific in the stores.

Codfish Fritters, Portugal

Codfish Fritters (known in Portuguese as Pastéis de Bacalhau) can be a Portuguese Petiscos or even a main dish, with an aside of Tomatoes Rice. Portugal produces rice especially in the center and south of the country and it is even exporter to China.

Pastéis de Bacalhau has an oval shape and it is a mix of mashed potatoes with onions, parsley, and codfish. You will find it in almost every snack bar or restaurant. By default, they are crisp outside due to vegetal oil, however smooth inside. They have the tendency to be a little bit salty due to the codfish.

There are 1001 ways to cook cod in Portuguese gastronomy, due to the love of locals by cooking at home and the creativity of restaurants to present different dishes based on this popular ingredient.

What you will not find in terms of Cod?

Fresh cod is almost the only option that you will not find in Portugal. In the past, there were chefs trying to introduce new dishes and even festival events with fresh codfish, however, locals didn’t appreciate the flavor due perhaps to history and their relation with cod.

Codfish you will find it frozen desalt or dried and salty, which requires different steps of preparation for the same dish. Visiting Lisbon or Porto? Go to a traditional snack bar or restaurant and request your codfish fritters. Enjoy.

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livramento market 01

Visit and learn about local ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat at Livramento Market in Setúbal.

livramento market 01

Visit and learn about local ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat at Livramento Market in Setúbal.

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