Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Harvest 2021 Season

Harvest 2021 Season is on! All country is harvesting the vines in a year that promises better results than 2020 harvest season. In Alentejo, most of the winemakers started the harvest seasons in the last two weeks of August due to high temperatures and other conditions, while in the North usually is later.

Harvest 2021 Season
Harvest 2021 Season

Festivities of Harvest 2021 Season

The harvest 2021 season is once again the highest point of a year of production, in which winemakers see the final result of a year of investment. More than 300 different grape varieties, where Touriga Nacional is the Queen.

Depending on the wine regions, some prefer to make the festivities in the beginning or during and could have different means or goals. The beginning is like a kick-off of the harvest activity and creates links between workers. During the harvest season, it is common to have several experiences that outsiders can participate of course in a small area of activities, to avoid impact on the final production.

Around Lisbon, perhaps the biggest festivities will be in Palmela that occurs during a week. You will find amazing local products to taste, more than 250 wine brands to taste, and perhaps thousands of wine products, besides the experiences and live music shows. There is a real commitment of the city council on this activity, due to be one of the only regions that produce Moscatel de Setúbal, a sweet liquor based on muscat grape.

Some of the vineyards will stay with grapes since some winemakers produce Late Harvest wines. Their goal is that grapes become even more mature, which will have more sugar. The final product? A Late Harvest wine, usually more sweet due to the highest rate of sugars.

cuttlefish algarve style

Let's prepare, cook and enjoy friends or family this delicious cuttlefish dish from Portugal.

livramento market 01

Visit and learn about local ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat at Livramento Market in Setúbal.

Market Tour in Portugal

Market Tour in Portugal is a journey to the world of senses, discovering the Portuguese ingredients in the market stalls. You will be able to engage with locals, making questions, and always with a professional chef with you to visit the local market.

Rosé Wine Styles, Portugal

Rosé Wine Style will be from special grapes? Will the grapes be pinky? Is there a special way to produce Rosé wine? These are perhaps some of the questions you may have and we will try to answer them.