Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Livramento Market, Setúbal

Livramento Market (Mercado do Livramento, Setúbal) is a superb food market, known for its always fresh fish and fruit stalls. In 2015 was considered by the American Newspaper USA TODAY as one of the best fish worldwide markets.

You will find also vegetables, herbs, and regional products, mainly from local producers. Setúbal region is known for a huge amount of wine producers (more than 250), honey, various types of bread, and local handicrafts.

Livramento Market
Av. Luisa Todi, Livramento Market

It is located on the Av. Luisa Todi (check on google maps), perhaps the main avenue in Setúbal. In the surroundings, you will find parking spaces and it is very near to Sado River. The market presents itself from the perspective of locals who grab fresh ingredients for meals and local restaurants. Has an amazing diversity of ingredients and we are sure that people at the stalls will help how to cook a specific dish, especially if it is fresh fish.

On the second floor of the market, you will find some offices and local stores/businesses which serve also the market. However, one of the main attractions is the amazing tile panel on the top South, which describes the habits of the Setúbal region. Drawings of fishermen, olives, and wine, among many other common tasks for locals.

Take your time, enjoy the local, you will be able also to take a coffee which you watch the market and enjoy a local sweet. The most famous sweets in the region is Tortas de Azeitão, however you will discover that there is more than that, such as Esses. Market you should visit during the morning. 

When to visit Livramento Market

Also consider avoiding visits on Mondays, since the fishermen don’t fish on Sundays, you will not have the opportunity to see the fantastic diversity of fresh fish.

We highly suggest visits from Tuesdays till Saturdays. Enjoy and discover Setúbal, which has so much to offer you besides local food and amazing beaches.

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