Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Alentejo wine region

Alentejo Wine Region is the biggest area of wine making and represents a third of Portugal. His location, in the South area of Portugal has an amazing diversity of winemakers which produces different wines that locals and foreigners love to drink.

The region had an amazing transformation during the last decades. The landscape changed, new winemakers, old winemakers working in the cultural and traditions aspects in which the result is a fantastic list of wines and reputation for this wine region.

It is common to see producers represented on the international wine awards, especially in France, Brasil, Italy, Belgium and Uk. They win awards on regular basis due to the outstanding quality and character of the wines they produce. Touriga Nacional is perhaps the most famous grape variety. However with local grapes or international grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, among others, it is common to win prizes.

Alentejo Wine Region

Whatever you visit in Portugal, it is common to find products from Alentejo Wine Region. From excellent reserves to more younger wine, you will find for sure one wine that will define your profile. In fact, Portugal has more than 60.000 wine brands which make it unique.

Alentejo wine region, grape varieties

Usually red wines are rich and fruity. Quality may be different depending of the skills and traditions of the cellars or even years production, due to quality and control of the harvest process on the vineyards.

Plans and gentle hills are characteristics of the Alentejo terrain. The air temperature have impact on the wine production and it can be dry, hot or cooler. All depends of the mountain high and vineyards implementation. Soils may be different. Alentejo has granite, schist, pink marble and limestone with influence of a sub-layer of clay. For this reason, clay used on bricks ( tijolo de burro) decreases the temperatures at the oldest and typical homes of Alentejo.

Alentejo wine region divides into eight sub-regions. The dimension of the winemakers is important for cost production decrease. You will find wine producers with 1000 hectares to 3 hectares only. Each one with his own market strategy. Bigger wine producer will have some diversification of wine products and other products such as cork, olive oil, cheese and even jams. The biggest offers different wine experiences and even accommodation, while smaller are more versatile and authentic on the experiences available.

Thinking in Alentejo is to think in beautiful landscapes, sightseeing, cheeses, excellent food besides de simplicity of the cooking process. Food is always a good option and if you have time, always try food and wine pairings.

Main grapes production in the region: Antão Vaz, Arinto, Roupeiro, Diagalves, Manteúdo, Rabo de Ovelha, Perrum. Aragonez ( also known as tempranillo ), Alfocheiro, Castelão, Trincadeira, Moreto, Tinta Caiada, Tinta Grossa. International grapes will be Alicante Bouschet, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon the top three.

livramento market 01

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livramento market 01

Visit and learn about local ingredients such as fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat at Livramento Market in Setúbal.

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