Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Clerics Tower

Clerics Tower in Porto has more than 250 years of history and it is possible to see the outside from different perspectives of the city. The tower provided in the past telegraph and clock services to locals of Porto and is now a place to visit with tickets. Believe, there are a huge amount of people visiting it.

During the 19th century, the Tower had an interesting proposal. A Royal Mal vessel that belonged to Royal Mail Steam Packet Company would arrive in Porto on weekly basis. The goal? Establish commercial trades between its origins and locals tradesmen. The locals put two flags on the top of Clérigos Tower that inhabitants knowns that the vessel will arrive in two days. For locals was a sign to prepare their packages and packets.

Clerics Tower, Porto, Portugal
Clerics Tower, Porto, Portugal | Photo: Antonio Amen

Clerics Tower Activities

Clerics Tower is a magnificent piece of architecture and it is possible to visit on regular basis. It is considered impressive, beautiful, and a mark of Porto history. It is considered a symbol of the city and it is the 3rd most visited national monument in Portugal offering to its visitors a tall experience 75 meters high, almost at the top of Porto hill.

Clerics Tower has a busy cultural program. It includes several concerts throughout the year and of course in varied music styles. It is included in several guided heritage tours organized by private tour operators. It is common for some lectures events with different thematics and conferences, besides the visits themselves.

Nearby, you will find several local restaurants and coffee shops, where you will be able to taste Portuguese food or even taste some of the best Portuguese wines.  Share your trip  on facebook or Instagram

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