Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Chocolate Story by World of Wine - WOW

The Chocolate Story is a proposal of WOW – World of Wine in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal. WOW born with a strong connection to the wine world and industries may apply with this connection.

During centuries-old Port wine cellars located in vila Nova de Gaia / Porto developed trades during centuries and belong mainly to English families established in this city or Douro Valley. From Port wine trades to diversification of the commerce, lots of products come up with wine tastings and preferences from consumers.

The Chocolate Story, WOW
The Chocolate Story, WOW - World of Wine

WOW – World of Wine in Vila Nova de Gaia / Porto pays homage to the region itself establishing a connection with many Portuguese industries and traditions. It is much more than a single museum, in fact, it is already an important culture center with several museums, wine school, restaurants of different food concepts, shops and temporary exhibitions.

The Chocolate Story

The Chocolate Story will embark you on a journey through the world of cacao and his conversation to delicious chocolate. It will show you the main areas of production and will guide you step by step in chocolate production.

You will get an immersive experience that begins with a fragile flower in a distant and remote location of the Earth. After, you will follow and learn the farming process and methodology of chocolate production. The process remains the same for a long time. It is a step by step from cacao plantations to the final product of chocolate, where the processes remain the same.

You will learn the natural form of cacao. You will learn that cacao is not brown which is the color we mentally make an association with. You will learn that not even has the taste that we know. So much to discover in a relaxed way at the Chocolate Story in World of Wine.

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