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Cooking Portugal

Clean & Save seal

Clean & Safe is a request certification that is required by tourism agents on Turismo de Portugal. Tour operators with or without facilities, travel agents with or without facilities and accommodation should have this certification update during the Covid-19 pandemia.

In December 2019 started the first news talking about Covid19 and in March 2020, Portugal shut down most of the business for the first time. Portugal and the world in general increase day by day new cases and promote measures to stop spreading the virus and learn new processes and ways to move forward with social, economic, and political directions.

In April 2020, Turismo de Portugal presents the Clean & Safe seal for all players in the related market, to distinguish tourism activities with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of pandemia.

It was mandatory for companies in the sector to join the program and sign a Declaration of Commitment, which also allowed them can publicize the seal. The publication is allowed in several supports such as a car or tuk-tuk decoration, digital promotion (website, social media channels, emails, etc.).

Clean & Safe sessions for human resources

After the creation of the seal Clean & Safe, Turismo de Portugal promoted several training sessions and for the companies, it was mandatory to present the plan of measures taken and implemented to ensure the safety, hygiene, and cleaning measures for employees and customers.

The measures followed the recommendations of DGS – Directorate-General for Health and intend that Portugal is seen as a safe destination. Reinforcing the confidence in Portugal has a safe destination, in April 2021 the companies need to renew the seal certification. These new sessions have the goal of update of the information and measures.

Validation of Clean & Safe seal

The validation is free and optional for all operators and due to the evolution of pandemia is on annual basis. The Clean & Safe seal means the implementation of a protocol in the company with hygiene measures that can avoid risks of contagion.

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