Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

Wine Amália officially launched!

Wine Amália was officially launched as a result of the partnership between the Amália Rodrigues Foundation and Adega Mayor, within the scope of the Centennial of the Birth of Amália Rodrigues.

During the presentation at the Casa-MuSeu Amália Rodrigues, Rita Nabeiro (General Director of Adega Mayor), Pedro Foles (Marketing Director of Adega Mayor) and Ana Miguel (Communication Manager) were present. Adega Mayor), and Vicente Rodrigues (President of the Amália Rodrigues Foundation), Francisco Velez Roxo (Director of the Amália Rodrigues Foundation) and Olga Apolónia (Secretary-General of the Amália Rodrigues Foundation).

Wine Amalia, tripack
In a tribute to Amália, who never wanted to be just one, Adega Mayor intends to open the senses to the most emotional of our symbols, bringing to the table of Portugal and the world a little of what Amália was. The labels of the three bottles that make up the tripack “Amália” were designed by three Portuguese artists, who interpreted different facets of the artist: visionary (by João Fazenda), humanist (by Tiago Albuquerque), and free (by Sara Feio), in that order in the first image above.

Adega Mayor, the producer of Wine Amália

Adega Mayor extends over 350 hectares of holm oak forest, riverside galleries, and agricultural fields. An architectural reference worldwide, designed by Siza Vieira, distinguishes and elevates the wine heritage of the Alentejo region, near Portalegre. The building whose complexity has been whitewashed to elevate simplicity and merge with the landscape.

Over the years, Adega Mayor has affirmed its commitment to continuous improvement, either through the increase and specialization of its team or through the adaptation of the Adega to the qualitative parameters that it intends to achieve and maintain, with a view to ensuring in a consistent manner a result of excellence.

At Adega Mayor, the continuity of a responsible business is valued, so, being aware of the environmental impact of its activity, assumes a clear commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of its business, through good environmental practices.

Besides this partnership with Amália Rodrigues Foundation for the Wine Amália, Adega Mayor has also their own wines and local products such as red and wine wines, olive oil, and special editions. They share the love on what they make and its possible to make wine tastings or any other enotourism activities in their facilities near Portalegre. 

Visit Portugal and taste amazing wines during the experiences and activities available in all territory. Enjoy your trip to our country. Travel with safety, the country is ready to receive you with a enormous smile.

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