Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

What is the most beautiful part of Portugal?

The most beautiful part of Portugal is the country as one. Portugal is diverse in landscapes, wealth, history, gastronomy, wines, and locals ready to help you during your stay. Portugal has a strong cultural identity since it is one of the oldest countries in the World. The country was formed during the 12th century and Lisbon is the capital. Since then, Portugal has developed in many different directions and embraced other cultures and countries.


At the present, Portugal is famous for its excellent white sand beaches, delicious gastronomic dishes, diversity, and quality of wines, olive oil, and cork. Beautiful and unique palaces and castles.

Some people will be delighted with palaces and castles in Sintra, while for others the Alentejo coastline is the perfect spot to enjoy during spring and summer. For the wine lovers, they will focus on the Porto and Douro wine region. Mountain landscapes with vineyards, where winemakers have their vineyards.

You shouldn’t forget that Portugal is divided into 14 wine regions, has more than 300 grape varieties, and more than 55.000 wine brands from thousands of winemakers.

South of the Country

Alentejo is flat and you will see huge vineyards, olive trees intensive production, or the famous cork trees. Major cities to visit, each one with different story, are: Évora, Sines, Beja, Grândola, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Serpa, Estremoz, Vila Viçosa. However, we highly advise you to visit smaller villages and towns, where you will get in touch with traditions, local food.

The Algarve region has several key points and activities to make. Lagos, Portimão, Faro, Sagres, and Albufeira, are perhaps the major spots that can be crowded in the Summer (July to 15th September). Algarve is famous for its own style of house construction due to the hot days in Summer.

You will discover the Moors influence that remains till the present. Gastronomy? During Summer you can go to a seafood and shellfish festival, besides an enormous amount of music events.

Most beautiful part of Portugal

The most beautiful part of Portugal is difficult to point to just one location. Again, diversity is huge and really depends on your tastes and preferences.

Similar to wine or food. Some people would love salty food, others without salt. Some people would love and drink red wine only, while others love to make any wine tasting for the knowledge of the whole process. In conclusion, visit Portugal and enjoy every moment, you will love it for sure. 

One of the highlights of a visit the Saint George Castle is the opportunity to walk along the ramparts and enjoy the breathtaking views over Lisbon.

One of the highlights of a visit the Saint George Castle is the opportunity to walk along the ramparts and enjoy the breathtaking views over Lisbon.

Market Tour in Portugal is a journey to the world of senses, discovering the Portuguese ingredients in the market stalls. You will be able to engage with locals, making questions, and always with a professional chef with you to visit the local market.

Portuguese wines have more than 300 different grape varieties. Learn more about these three notable grape varieties for white wines.