Cooking Portugal

Cooking Portugal

3 cooking classes in Portugal

Three cooking classes in Portugal is what we will explain you in short descriptions, from all the services available in Portugal. The country has so much to offer and you will be able to choose from cooking classes, walking tours, wine tours, thematic or general.

Cooking Classes in Portugal can be hands on or show cooking. The guide or professional chef can also make the difference. 

3 cooking classes in Portugal

Baking Class

Most of the culinary schools goes into something that people will make and enjoy the experience, the famous Pastéis de Nata. Important to check is if the concept you choose makes or not, the famous dough. Most of the classes will explain the process, however very few make it during the baking class or pastry class.

Cooking Class 

By default after welcoming you, they will present you what you will cook during your cooking class. Some of the cooking classes will have something to snack, during the cooking process, while others will go straight to the point.

You will be tasting also local wines, during the class or the meal. Usually, it is included already in the prices. All classes will make a three-course menu based on traditional Portuguese cuisine. If you love Portuguese coffee it is also included. Classes have a duration of 3 to 4 hours, depending on the culinary school or cook concept. If it is important for you the health restrictions, always mentioned during the booking process.

Market Tour with Cooking Class (cross-selling)

Market Tour with Cooking Class will be possible to make in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve. These classes have a meeting point that can be at the cooking school or in market. It blends a walking tour in the market where locals, guides or a professional chef will explain you the most common ingredients from the market, the smells and possible dishes to cook.

During the process, they will acquire some of the fresh ingredients and will take them with you to the kitchen. Here, you will follow the instructions as a normal cooking class. This type of class, will take around 4h30 to 5h30m duration and usually drinks are included.

Main tips for the cooking classes in Portugal

a) Always make mention to your health restrictions or religious restrictions when you think to book a cooking class.

b) Be on schedule, arrive 5 minutes previous to the starting hours of the class you booked.

Take always with you the email confirmation you have from the experience provider with you (paper or in your smartphone).

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One of the highlights of a visit the Saint George Castle is the opportunity to walk along the ramparts and enjoy the breathtaking views over Lisbon.

One of the highlights of a visit the Saint George Castle is the opportunity to walk along the ramparts and enjoy the breathtaking views over Lisbon.

Market Tour in Portugal is a journey to the world of senses, discovering the Portuguese ingredients in the market stalls. You will be able to engage with locals, making questions, and always with a professional chef with you to visit the local market.

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